The Iron Lions

Testimonials from the war in israel, Oct 23'

Goni Goddard


Hi, I want to thank everyone for their support.

The instructions were to close the door and stay in the shelter. I couldn’t stay, I was thinking of my parents, and it was a very stupid thing to do, and a dangerous one at that.

I went straight to my parents to see if they were OK. I put a bandana on my head.

It was very scary. 

A terrorist threatened me with a gun, but when he saw my bandana he lowered his gun. 

I went to my parents’ neighborhood. Terrorists everywhere. Many people I know were lying on the road in the most hideous way imaginable. Many homes were on fire. 

I went to my parents’ house, and it was all ruined and burnt. I went inside, and glass was everywhere, the ceiling was flooded with water. The first thing I did was to look for my parents. I couldn’t find them so I just hid inside the house. Outside I heard yelling and shooting. I sit in silence, not moving, inside pools of water. Then I heard Israeli soldiers outside the house. I yelled to them and they rescued me.