The Iron Lions

Testimonials from the war in israel, Oct 23'

Yaniv Halili


I visited Kibbutz Reim, one of the kibbutzim in Israel that was attacked during the massacre. Kibbutz Reim was where some Nova Festival attendees fled - many were killed by Hamas terrorists. The sight of charred houses, burned while the families were inside, the stench of corpses still lingering in the air, legions of flies hovering over bloodstains, torn clothes full of blood - all these serve as living evidence of the massacre.

And in a nearby house, a pile of laundry lays on the sofa. Next to it, a kitchen knife, used by the residents to defend from the terror monsters, armed with guns, mortars, and the heartlessness of unimaginable human cruelty. 

Kibbutz Reim – tell the world about it.